Hemp Seed Oil with Rose and Vanilla Lip Balm


Soft, pinky and glowing lips are what every girl dreams of. But due to lack of moisture content in your body, certain health conditions, and bad weather; your lips turn out to be dry or chapped. So, before it gets worse, it is better to take care of your lips with the best lip care products.  

Sisven – one of the best nutraceuticals products stores in India provides the best organic lip balm. Made with goodness of Hemp along with rose and vanilla. Furthermore, this natural lip balm does not include any chemicals and acts as a safe, gentle, and moisturizing balm with the inclusion of only oils and butters.

More about Natural Lip Balm and Its Flavoring Ingredients: –

Lip balm, blended with various ingredients is loaded with healing, moisturizing, and softening properties. Using this natural and organic lip balm with no inclusion of chemicals gives you soft, nourished, and glowing lips. 

  • Vanilla Essential Oil: –

The vanilla essential oil has rich antioxidants and so, it has the ability to repair skin cell damage. It gives a luscious scent to the lip balm and also, helps to repair your chapped lips. 

  • Rose Essential Oil: –

Rose essential oil is commonly used in moisturizing lotions and lip balms as it helps in healing dry and cracked skin. Thus, it nourishes your lips and gives a glowing tone.

  • Hemp Seed Oil:-

This oil gives the lips instant moisturization.

Benefits of Applying Lip Balm: –

The skin on your lips is thinner, very sensitive than that of your facial skin. So, it is very important to take care of your lips and ensure that they are healthy and hydrated. However, some of the benefits of using natural lip balm are:

  • If your lips become dry or chapped, then it keeps your lips hydrated and helps to heal faster. 
  • Cracked or chapped lips make you feel embarrassed. So, it is necessary to apply lip balm, especially in the winter season. 
  • To prevent your lips from darkening, drying, and maintaining youthful and supple lips, moisturizing them is a must. So, use natural lip balm daily. 
  • Moisturizing your lips with the help of lip balm is very important before the application of your favourite lipstick as it enables you to enjoy a flawless look. 

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