Hibiscus green tea – 100% whole leaf


We all know hibiscus as just a flowering plant that is grown in our surrounding area. But, do you know that it is loaded with a number of medicinal properties? Yes, hibiscus leaves and flowers provide multiple health benefits. Though it is unknown for many people, most of the people are already preferring to drink hibiscus green tea as it holds a number of health benefits and can be used as a flavouring and refreshing tea. 

The best nutraceuticals products store – Sisven provides natural and organic hibiscus green tea made with 100% whole leaves and dried hibiscus petals. It does not include any harmful chemicals, additives, or flavouring agents and thus, Sisven hibiscus green tea is renowned to be a perfectly healthy drink. 

Preparation of Hibiscus Green Tea: – 

You can enjoy natural hibiscus green tea every day and experience amazing health benefits. However, the preparation process of hibiscus green tea is simple and can be made in minutes.

  • You just need to put some water in a pan, place it on your stovetop, and boil the water.
  • Take the hot water in your cup and dip the hibiscus green tea bag in it. Let the flavour get to the water.
  • You can add honey to add taste to your healthy drink and enjoy it.

Benefits of Hibiscus Green Tea: –

  • Lowers Blood Pressure: –

Many people suffer from high blood pressure that leads to an increased risk of heart diseases. Your heart undergoes extra strain due to this high blood pressure and then, it becomes weak. However, several studies have proven hibiscus as one of the traditional medicines that lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Adding to this, one study found that people who have taken hibiscus tea have lowered their blood pressure significantly. So, while hibiscus is considered to be such a safe medicine, try replacing your regular tea with hibiscus green tea as it helps in lowering high blood pressure.

  • Boosts Liver Health: –

The liver, an important organ of your body is a digestive accessory that produces alkaline fluid which contains bile acids and cholesterol. It also plays a major role in the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. So, it is very important to maintain liver health for the overall health of your body. However, hibiscus content in the natural green tea enables the liver to work efficiently and thus, promotes liver health.

  • Promotes Weight Loss: –

Most of the people suffer from obesity problems due to unhealthy eating habits. Also, if you have a high body mass index (BMI), body fat, body weight, hip to waist ratio, then natural hibiscus green tea acts as a perfect drink that lowers your weight. The hibiscus content has proven to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides and thus, it is known to reduce the risk of obesity. Furthermore, if you have a habit of drinking tea multiple times, then you can replace it with this healthy and refreshing drink – organic hibiscus green tea.

  • Prevents Cancer: – 

Hibiscus contains compounds such as polyphenols that possess anti-cancer properties and thus, help you prevent cancer. Researchers have also found impressive results of hibiscus on cancerous cells and also, hibiscus green tea helps to prevent the spreading of cancer cells. So, it is very important to take this natural and organic hibiscus green tea as it helps you to prevent cancer along with a wide range of benefits.

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