Jojoba Oil & Rosehip Oil Soap


Naturally, promote healthy-looking skin with this ultra-moisturizing and renewing formula, filled with the goodness of nature! This amazing Jojoba Oil & Rosehip Oil soap contains pure jojoba oil which closely resembles our body serum that leaves the skin supple, healthy and smooth. Combined with Rosehip oil and plant extracts that are rich in the source of vitamins, natural antioxidants, fatty acids to rejuvenate and acquire vibrant and healthy skin. This natural soap bar is combined with lavender oil – to reduce skin inflammation and treat skin conditions, Geranium oil – acts as antioxidant and anti-ageing properties, zinc and silver – removes the tan and dead cells from the skin, this spectacular soap leaves skin with a soft, glowing, soothing floral aroma. Designed for the daily use of the body and face, this natural hand-made soap is suitable for all skin types. 

The soap base contains the naturally extracted oils – Coconut oil, Mahua Oil, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide Salt – which keeps the skin moisturized and revitalizes the skin. Furthermore, sodium hydroxide salt is used in the saponification process and it will not be present in the final result of handmade soap. These nature-infused soaps are not made by machines but gently crafted by the hand which means there is no heat added to the soap pots. This method ensures that soap contains all equal benefits of healing and the valuable properties of each ingredient is retained in every soap. The uniqueness of this soap is that it leaves the skin with naturally formed glycerin because its moisturizing properties help to retain the moisture to the skin. Sisven is profoundly known for its high quality and natural ingredients used in all our products which are not good for all skin types but the environment as well. 

Our natural products don’t contain any synthetic ingredients such as fragrance oils or dyes,  Parabens, artificial colour, free alkalis like potassium.


Moisturizing skin:- 

Harsh chemicals and pollution can damage the outermost layer of the skin. This exposure can damage the skin leaving it dry and itchy, and unable to retain sufficient moisture. The essential oils present in the soap repair the skin as the natural barrier. It also promotes a physical barrier over the surface of the skin which traps moisture.

Best for acne-prone skin:- 

This natural jojoba oil and Rosehip oil soap contain anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that kill the bacteria that is affecting the skin with acne resulting in a clear and healthy skin texture. 

Acts as an antioxidant:- 

The nature-infused properties in the soap also act as an antioxidant, which means that your skin can defect oxidative stress that is caused by daily exposure to toxins and pollutants. 

Reduces the fine lines and wrinkles:- 

Excess stress and age can be responsible for increasing fine lines and wrinkles. The essential oils and unique properties of the soap help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The antioxidant properties in the soap enhance the skin texture and improve the elasticity of the skin. 

Gentle cleansing:- 

The perfect blend of natural essential oils and other oils at the right amount of care your skin needs helps to achieve healthy and soothe skin. The daily gentle cleansing massage removes the dead skin cells and pollutants from the skin which makes the skin beautiful. This bath bar contains a refreshing natural aroma that creates a calming effect on the skin and mind. The addition of different hydrating oils helps to reduce inflammation and visibly increase the overall texture. 

Natural and effective:- 

Crafted with precision, Sisven uses 100% vegan and natural ingredients in the making of this bath bar to give the customers a unique experience. This hand-made natural soap is made with love and is free from paraben, sulphates & cruelty and is suitable for both men and women. This soap can also be useful for people who are suffering from ;

  • Acne
  • Dry skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea

How to use:- 

  • You can use the soap daily as part of the skincare routine.
  • Since it contains all the natural ingredients, it is supreme for its combination of naturally extracted essential oils.

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